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free chat plugin for wordpress website Every one needs some where to put those adventures that just do not fit any where else. This is where I put them.

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Walking around the World

best free live chat plugin for wordpress The event failed, due to lack of people and bad weather, but it gave us a chance to get out and try some Nordic walking. The kids had all done Nordic walking courses as had Alison but for Neill it was new.

free chat software for wordpress There were two courses, one of 5 kilometres and one of 12. On the Saturday Alison, Daniel, Max and Neill followed the 12 km course out to the Attlesee and back with a group from the Nesselwang Sports Club. At the half way point you had to collect a stamp to prove that you had been there and could buy a drink. The rain held off until we were all back and in the ice café.

free live chat support plugin for wordpress On Sunday Alison had to play cello in church so Rhiannon, Daniel, Max and Neill did the 12 km course again with Nordic walking sticks. As we were finishing we met Alison setting off to jog the whole 12 kilometres.\

free online chat rooms melbourne As a family we covered 108 kilometres in the two days. We helped the challenge on its way and all had fun.

Nordic Walking

gay online chat rooms melbourne tl_files/hogarth/Photos/rhinorwal.jpgOn the 13th of January 2007 there was an event to thank those Nesselwangers who had taken part in the Walking Round the World. Alison, Rhiannon and Neill took part.

24/7 doctor chat free From the Alpsptzhalle in Nesselwang we walked out to the holiday village in Reichenbach. Neill was lucky enough to be walking with a nordic walking instructor and so received half an hour of free tuition in all the things he was doing wrong.